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Coach-- Phil Lawhorn

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Coach Lawhorn has been teaching for 40 years (less 2 spent with Uncle Sam in the early 60's). As skater, Phil competed in all disciplines of Quad Skating including Speed. His favorite, 4's, dissappeared in the mid-seventies, but reliable sources at USA Roller Skating claim it will be back for the 1998-99 Season, "with a new twist". Hmmmmm, I wonder what that means? Coach Phil's students claim they can tell how good of a lesson they had with him by counting up how many times he whistled them back to his seat. The less whistles, the better the lesson went!! Phil recently came to our rink after teaching at Interskate in Lewisville,Texas Welcome--Coach!!

Whats An Axis--Coach??

ut oh--he's whistling again!!!