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Sara Taggi


Sara's Skating Accomplishments

Sara had a very successful JO experience. During her two full years competing in The JO Division, Sara placed in over 50 events. She also won 5 South Central Regional Championships and placed at Nationals 4 times including winning a National Championship in Womens Level 1A Figures at Lincoln, NE. in 1996. Other Nationals Placements included, 2nd in 1A Singles and 2nd in 1A Pairs in 1996. Also 2nd in 2A Figures in 1997. Sara says she also expects to be very competitive at the Standard Level in which she now competes.

Sara's Skating Links

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Sara's first year as an Artistic Skater was pretty successful as she had predicted. Although the award count fell to 15 this year, thats not bad considering one of her Coach's died very unexpectedly and the team had to disband 2 months before South Central Regionals due to the rink being sold. She managed to get out of Regionals in Juvenile Solo Dance and Figures but missed Singles for the very first time. She also claims she will be a "factor", once again, at Nationals in August. Here's hoping she's right!!