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Our Coaches

Phil Lawhorn: Stars On Wheels
Betty Scala: Hurst Skateland
Mr. Ralph Barker: The Forum
Alexa Buxkemper: Unknown
Darlene Waters: Choreographer-Barberton Rollerdome ll
Bubba Hamilton: Skater Heaven

skate2.gif skate2.gif

Our Skaters

Cari Bevans: Hurst Skateland
Cassie Bless: Hurst Skateland
Ariel Clay: Mid Cities
Victoria Dick: Mid Cities
Michelle Hankinson: Hurst Skateland
Sharyn Hankinson: Hurst Skateland
Noelle Scala: Hurst Skateland
Sara Taggi: Stars On Wheels
Lauren Turner: The Forum
Kelly Gilmore: Retired
Michelle Chadwick: Retired
Tiffany Bishop: Hurst Skateland
Katie Carpenter: Retired
Trish Bless: Hurst Skateland
Jill Caperton: Hurst Skateland/Stars On Wheels
Stacey Westmoreland: The Forum

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