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To All Of Our Friends

To all of the people who were associated with that wonderful place that was created by Bubba Hamilton, Big Wheel Skateland's Artistic Skating Club (all the club members, coaches and BUBBA's employees gene, katie, aaron, jeremy, pat h. and myself). Although we were a club just a few short months., we sure as hell had some fun, did'nt we?!!! I think it would be safe to say, we will all remember each other for a long time to come.

In closing, i would like to make a comment. Most of you did not know bubba and those that did, did not know him very well, and i'm really not sure how you felt about him. i did know him very well and to make a very long story short, i am a full time businessman almost fifty years of age, not very easily impressed to be sure, but i say this without hesitation---bubba was my hero. goodbye and good luck to all of you!!!

ps: for those of you who were wondering, sara and phil have found a very nice new home. sara now skates for "Stars On Wheels Arts Club" in plano, texas, and phil now coaches there as well-- see ALL OF YOU at regionals.