A Formal Apology
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To All Of You:

I recently added only one page to Big Wheel Skateland's 34 page web sight entitled "Luther's Dirty Tricks Page"(there is 'not stuff all over the internet insulting rink operators' as i have been hearing) The page was up and linked for only about 48 hours and has since been removed and was removed in the early afternoon hours of Saturday April 18, 1998. The page was removed as a direct result of one of Big wheel's Coaches ,whom I have tons of respect for, convincing me that such a page would be thought of by some as bad for skating. Since I had intended the page’s purpose ONLY to embarrass a certain Coach/Rink Operator and his Girlfriend, for some of the terrible things they had done to so many people, over the years, and continue to do, my family included, it was obviously offensive to others so it was removed. This page or anything even romotely like it will never be placed on the internet again by me.

I would like to formally apologize to you the reader and anyone else this page has offended , (except for those 2 individuals it was originally intended to offend). The last thing I would EVER want to do is to belittle this sport we all love so much, in any way shape form or manner.


Robert Taggi Web Master- Big Wheel Skateland