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Just sitting here thinking of you. Sara and I still find it hard to talk about you without being sad, even now. We know you are out there in the Universe somewhere, watching and rooting your skaters on. An old student of yours recently said "you were watching as your last little bit of unfinished work becomes finished" On this eve of Artistic Nationals, how strange it seems without you around. You should see Sara, she is skating like a 'big girl' the way you always wanted her to, especially in dance, with your friend Coach Phil's help. But I have to tell you, he's still sticking to his guns on the 3-turn you two used to argue about for hours on end. He has done a wonderful job in your absence, as have several others. Alex is now zooming around the rink like a little jet. She often shows me her first and only trophy that you gave her, then vows to win even more of them than her big sister. we are going to let her skate competitively next season as a 4 year old- she is the ultimate Rink Rat, spending about 20 hours a week there since before she born, wow time passes quickly!!! Anyway, we know you'll be in Fresno and Sara has promised something special will happen there, just for you.


bob, sara and your many skaters