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Darlene Waters --Choreographer

A 13 time USAC/RS National Champion, 2 time World Champion and still, to date, the only person ever to be voted into the Roller Skating Hall of Fame in the same year as a Skater and Coach; just a couple of facts that make this lady truly remarkable. She is also considered by many, one of the best Roller Skating Singles and Pairs Choreographer's in the World!! Darlene, lives and teaches primarily in the Cleveland, Ohio area. She recently visited our rink for a week in September of this year. She taught five of our rink's Singles Skaters new routines and 'spiffed up' the other of the rinks Singles Skater's Routines. "All you have to do is watch a Singles Routine for a few seconds, and you know she's been involved in the Choreography" Says Bobby G. (a local judge) after judging some of Big Wheel's Singles Skaters, recently, at a local competition. All of us at Big Wheel enjoyed her recent visit and hope to have her back often. (oh, did I mention she coaches the current United States Men's World Class Singles Champion, Henry Elliot).