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Michelle Chadwick

An Original--"Bubba's Girl"

Michelle was one of the original members of Coach Bubba Hamilton's last "5 year project" started at The Sports Page Roller Rink in Pasadena, Texas during the 1992-93 season. Since Coach Hamilton's death in September '97, Michelle has chosen to move to the Embassey Roller Rink in San Antonio, Texas, to join her current Pairs Partner, Jon Huston. Although she no longer skates with us at Big Wheel, we understand why she moved, but still consider her one of our 'honorary' skaters. She has also chosen to wear the black arm band our club is wearing this season, honoring Bubba. Michelle, although only 14, was our clubs most accomplished skater. She has placed in over 100 Events in her skating career, and won several South Central Regional Championships, qualifing for Nationals in 1994-95-96 and 97. In 1995, Michelle, only a Juvenile, was entered in Elementary Solo Dance at South Central Regionals, and she won!! Also that year, Michelle and Kyle Benton, won a National Championship in 1a Team Dance, at Fresno, CA. Michelle skates in several events, including, Sophmore Solo Dance, Sophmore and JWC Team Dance, Advanced and JWC Loops, Sophmore and JWC Figures.