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Victoria Dick
Victoria's Skating Accompishments

Victoria is now in her 5th year of competitive skating and is also one of the most accomplished skaters at Big Wheel. Always known for her great Solo Dance accomplishments, in recent months has brought her Singles ability up on the same par as it once was. Victoria finished 3rd in 1A Team Dance at 1994 South Central Regionals, at Regionals in 1995 she won 1A Singles finished 3rd in 1A Solo Dance and 3rd in 2A Team Dance. At Regionals in 1996 she won Juvenile Solo Dance, got 2nd in 2A Singles and 3rd in Juvenile Team Dance., qualifying her for Nationals all three of those years. This year Victoria will skate in the Standard--Elemetary Division, making Big Wheel a strong contender in all her events, which include: Singles, Solo Dance, Figures and Elementay Loops.

Victoria & Friends Garland '96